The more you know :: Scoliosis

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal cited a study that focused on patients with Scoliosis practicing Vasitsthasana regularly.  The study was small, microscopic by scientific standards, with only 25 participants.  It is a good start though.

PJ-BY040_RESREP_J_20141027121320According to 2013 statistics from Yoga Journal, about 15million people practice yoga in the  US.  It’s estimated that 6 million people in the US have scoliosis.  There’s a good chance that there is some overlap in those populations.

As teachers, we can see scoliosis that students may not even be aware of having.  It’s good to know what helps and why.

Based on the results of this small study, what other poses would benefit students with scoliosis?

what the...

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