Don’t push the dominoes

No one should have been surprised by the news. Every traditional fitness organization is treading water or, sadly, sinking. Gold’s Gym’s announcement that it will enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy is one of many.

Gold's Gym
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The competition was fierce before the pandemic. With fewer brick and mortar options, teachers and trainers will have to get creative. We can’t just watch the dominoes fall.

As we learn how to teach online and discover that our personal internet options need to be upgraded, what about the studio? Without support from teachers and students, the community held in the studio space will not exist.

We’re all in this together vs I make more on my own

Studios and clubs will have to rethink their business strategy. We should see more hybrid memberships with real planning put into virtual offerings and community building. Both have been little more of an afterthought until now.

Wishing you worked at Peloton? That’s not the answer. Diverging to an all virtual platform will kill the industry. People will need real connection when we reopen.

What does putting the Spirit of Yoga back in the Business of Yoga look like?

1. Teach online for the studio that employed you before this happened. One class per week exclusive to that space and that community can make a difference.

2. Co-lead a class with another teacher from the same studio online and invite regular students to join. Show that the community is alive.

3. Reach out to the studio owner/management and offer your talents. Teaching is just one thing you can do. We all have many talents.

Yes, you can probably make more $$$ doing your own thing. But, what’s your true motivation for teaching? Money? Adoration? Friends? Care? Health? Community? Call it unprecedented, unique, trying etc…these times were in habe exposed everyone’s Fruedian slip. Take a look within, be true and make the choice you can move forward with.

Atha Yoganusasanam

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