Be your Best

Email can be confusing. If there are multiple people copied and replying, tangent threads can turn streamlined communication into a maze.

No matter what device you use or how you check or messages, don’t forget that there are people behind the typing. Don’t forget your humanity.

Ahimsa teaches us to do no harm-period. Not just to one self but to others as well. We apply it easily in the classroom to prevent injury but sometimes forget how harmful words can be. We often write things that we’d never say face to face.

How can you communicate with Ahimsa when frustrated by or even upset with a fellow teacher, staff or studio manager? To quote Guruji, “Practice and all will come”.

Top 10 lists are popular right now. Here’s my Bottom 5 for communication.


Bottom 5 ways to begin a sentence:

  1. As I said earlier….

~sometimes people scan a message and ask for information that’s already included.   It’s frustrating but not a big deal. Pointing out the error isn’t taking the high road.


  1. I told you already…

~when you think something is complete but you get a message showing that it’s still in the air, it’s difficult to remain graceful. Would you say this to the person face to face? How would you feel if someone said this to you? Communication is a two-way street. Both parties have a hand in any confusion.


  1. Well, [insert boss’s name here] said….

~at times, the business of yoga is no different than other businesses. When employees feel powerless, they often use the boss as a tool to gain an upper hand. Telling “mom” or “dad” doesn’t encourage dialogue or problem solving. Including everyone does.


  1. Actually….

~sarcasm is never good in professional communication.


  1. No…

~the opportunity to say yes is a gift. It’s one that we can’t always give. Start with your heart. Do you wish that you could? Are you sorry that you can’t? Or, are you holding something negative? A positive beginning makes a big difference.


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