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I got my first certification after practicing yoga for almost a decade.  I never intended to become a teacher.  I handed over more than my monthly rent to a teacher I trusted to help me deepen my practice.

It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  I found a wonderful, global community of people with a shared purpose.

I started teaching to help students avoid the mistakes I made early in my practice. Bad habits are hard to break.

But, I stumbled through the first few years of my new career making the same mistakes others had.

I started What the Om to help teachers the way I help my students.

Don’t just copy what you see around you.  Listen from the inside out.  Fill your tool bag with the right tools and discover your personal path the same way you guide students to discover their personal practice.

Contact me anytime for more information: info@whattheOM.com

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This series of informational workshops help give you the tools for success and learn how to do research to find the answers you need.


Workshop I (level 1/2):

Suitable for teachers who’ve been teaching less than 5 years.

There’s lots of relevance for more experienced teachers also.



Workshop II (level 2/3):

 Suitable for teachers who’ve been teaching more than 5 years.

Or, who are ready to continue to their next level of teaching


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