Shelter in Grace

Things got REAL over the last few months.

For some more than others. Despite all of the messages declaring that ‘we’re in this together’, it can feel very lonely for fitness professionals. Even lonelier than usual. It’s no secret that yoga teachers are often like ships passing in the night. To see another teacher in the wild, is like finding a unicorn unless you make an effort to physically connect.

Is there an opportunity to connect in more than a superficial way while sheltering in place. Of course.

5 things to do to survive sheltering in place:

1. Create a routine.

Beyond the online teaching schedule you’ve created, establish a routine. Include a day off. Time to cook. Time to clean. Time to study. Include time for your own practice which leads to the second recommendation.

2. Take an online class from another teacher

We’ve all mastered our home practice…right? Attending another teacher’s class shows support for the community and for yourself. Pay the regular rate or a small donation. Be an example of a good student.

3. Do something new

For some of us, taking a class from another teacher may be new and different. Really get ‘out there’. Landscape painting? Gardening? Knitting?

4. Get offline

The screen is a key connection to the outside world. But, staring into the void too much can cause stress and anxiety. Schedule time away from devices to be alone or with your co-shelterers. Read a book. Play charades. Dance with your pet. Sing to the birds outside your window.

5. Put your heart in your hands

Hand write a note or a letter. One to yourself, Mail it or set it aside to open after this ends. Write a note to a neighbour offering any help you can, including running errands, walking their dog, watering their outside plants. Hand write a note to someone you want to strengthen your relationship with. Mail it or take a photo and email/text it.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Set time aside to care for yourself and others. We will all remember those who helped create calm, peace and community. We will never forget those who caused anxiety, stress and alienation.

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