False Choices

Charles Ponzi was, by most accounts, a charming and earnest man.  He had to be.  The crime that created the term Ponzi scheme occurred almost a hundred years ago in 1920.  Since then, there have been hundreds of schemes around the world that have made international news.

Charles Ponzi - Boston Public Library
Charles Ponzi – Boston Public Library

In some cases, people intended fraud from the beginning.   In other cases, They over promised and under delivered.

Yoga business coaches can be fantastic or a huge waste of money.  How do you know who’s right for you?

Do you research

~ Get honest feedback.  Talk to people who have worked with the coach or development program in the past.  What were their expectations?  Were they met?

~ Beware of exaggerated phrases and promises:  “make more money”, “double your class size”, “be happy”

~ Beware of coaches/teachers who ask for intimate and personal details about your fears.  There’s a chance that these will be used as emotional hot buttons to prevent you from backing out.

~ Match up your goals with the curriculum.  Is what you’re missing being covered?

Without good research, you’re making a false choice.  Be an informed consumer.

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